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When it comes to landscape, most people imagine large and colorful gardens with lots of vegetation. Landscaping is an amazing profession that allows a specialist to use their imagination and ideas to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  In the lines below, a landscaping contractor presents some interesting information about the landscape architecture business.

  • Who is the godfather of the landscape architecture? His name is Gilvert Meason, and he is originally from Scotland. He was the first person who coined the term ”landscape architecture.”

  • Do you know the origin of the word landscape? Lancelot Brown and Frederick Olmsted are known to have created the first few green gardens in England. The word ”landscape” comes from the Dutch word landschap, meaning ”land” – region and ”scap” – ship or condition.

  • Do you know the country with the biggest number of landscapers? It has been calculated that almost 30,000 architects work there. And that country is Australia. It is known to be the world’s capital of landscape architecture. A natural consequence is the fact that it is also known to have the greatest number of national parks when compared to the rest of the countries.

  • What is the best place in the world to study this awesome profession? This might be a weird fact, but it is not Australia. It is either the United States or the United Kingdom. North America is well-known for its wide variety of professional landscape architecture programs and training courses. Even though the U.S. and U.K. value their landscapers, it is actually China that needs them most.

  • Where do they earn most money? The highest-known salary of a landscape architect is in the U.K. – approximately £30,000 – £39,000 annually.

  • Did you know that a beautiful green landscape is the most common wallpaper for computers desktops ever? A large number of people worldwide choose it not only for their PC’s but also for laptops, tablets, and iPhones.

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